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Seasonal Maintenance

Fertilize the yard prior to the hot months of summer.
Remove debris from around your air conditioner compressor.
Check the air conditioner drain pan in the attic for obstructions.
Check the brick and stone weep holes along the perimeter of the home to make sure they are clear of dirt and debris.
Drain water heater to remove mineral deposits.
Adjust sprinkler system settings for the season.
When installing new landscape or building a pool, do not change the drainage pattern of your yard.
Spray pest control around the perimeter of your home to deter intruding insects.
Inspect the roof, roof vents and soffit vents.

Evenly water your yard and the perimeter of the foundation.
Use the vacation setting on your water heater when away from your home for extended periods of time to save on utilities.
Clean any mulch or dirt that has built up to the weep holes of your brick to discourage insect intrusions.
Soil and mulch should be kept away from the first course of brick and away from siding.
Adjust sprinkler system settings for the season.

Clean leaves and other debris that have accumulated in gutters and downspouts.
Inspect exterior paint and caulk around windows and doors and repaint as needed.
Inspect shower and bath tub tile; re-caulk any small cracks that may have developed.
Apply a fresh coat of varnish or paint the front door as needed.
Adjust sprinkler system settings for the season.
Inspect the furnace for proper operation.

Remove all hoses from outside hose bibs to avoid freezing.
Check the operation of your fireplace damper; if soot and creosote have built-up inside the flue, a good cleaning is recommended.
When using gas artificial fireplace logs, for best results, preheat the flue by burning on a low setting for 10 minutes.
When installing Christmas lights, use small nails, hooks or self adhering fasteners and secure lights at least ½ inch from adjacent surface.
During vacations in the winter months, it is advisable to shut off the water.
Store firewood away from home and garage to avoid attracting termites.
To ensure a healthy lawn in the spring, use a winterizing fertilizer.
Adjust sprinkler system settings for the season.