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Maintenance Schedule

Pour lemon juice into the garbage disposal to help remove stale food smells.
If your home is equipped with a down draft grill, clean out the grease trap under the unit.
Change air conditioning filters once a month as well as the fresh air filter in the attic.
Check the GFCI reset in your bath and kitchen areas.
Test your smoke detectors and change the batteries as needed.  
Spray Pest Control around the perimeter of your home to deter intruding insects.    
Use your paint touch-up kit for painted trim and walls during the first few months for the best color match.    
Inspect the condition of your washing machine rubber supply hoses. Replace brittle or damaged hoses.    
Cleanout gutters for proper drainage (semi-annually).    
Clear your faucet and shower aerators of debris and hard water particles.      
Check the air conditioner drain pan in the attic for clogs.      
Clean and lubricate the tracks of your windows and be sure the window holes are free of debris.      
Drain the water heater(s) to remove mineral deposits.