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What’s That Called Again?

With information on everything from anchor bolts to zoned air, this handy guide will have you sounding like a pro in no time.

Glossary of Terms

Anchor Bolt/Mud Sill An L-shaped or J-shaped bolt or specifically designed metal strip that projects from the slab used to fasten exterior first-floor walls to the foundation.
Brick Soldier A brick placed on-end with the narrow surface visible. This may be found as a band between the first and second floor of a two-story home or just below the overhang of a roof.
E.C.O. Enhancement Change Order. This document is initiated by the homebuyer and is necessary to change, add, or delete an item in the home.
Earnest Money (both initial and additional) Money given by the purchaser as a good faith assurance that they will close on the property. It could also be referred to as a deposit. Buyers will be required to pay additional earnest money for changes to the home at the time an E.C.O. is signed. Earnest money is not refundable, except for initial earnest money, if loan approval is not granted.
Elevation A detailed architectural drawing. The elevation provides a flat view of any exterior side of a home or a view of a single wall in a room. An elevation shows no depth.
Flashing Thin metal, plastic or rubber installed on the home to prevent water penetration. These may be located at the intersection of the chimney and the roof or around windows. Flashing material is also used for valleys at roof intersections.
Flatwork A reference to any area of concrete such as a patio, sidewalk, driveway, or porch.
Homeowner Demonstration The buyer reviews the home with a construction superintendent prior to closing. This demonstration is intended to introduce the buyer to the specific features of the home and verify that all customer changes are installed.
Parallam Beam A structural beam made of wood layered and glued together to form one continuous piece of desired length. This type of beam is engineered and manufactured off-site.
Post-tension Foundation A foundation that uses cables to reinforce the concrete. These cables are stressed shortly after the foundation is placed.
Rafter The incline roof support to which decking is nailed. These are designed to carry roof loads.
Rowlock Brick A pattern of brick placed so the end of the brick is exposed. Rowlock brick is sometimes found around arched windows or used as windowsills.
S.E.E.R. Rating Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. This rating refers to the efficiency of the heating or cooling units in a home. The higher the rating, the more efficient the unit.
Sole Plate The bottom wood member of a wall. This is usually made of a 2" x 4" or a 2" x 6" material. Sole plates that contact the foundation are treated to resist moisture.
Stick Built A type of construction that refers to framing a home one piece at a time as opposed to using modules. Modular home parts are manufactured and assembled off-site and then delivered to the site for final assembly. Perry Homes are stick built.
Vapor Barrier A black plastic material placed under the concrete of a foundation to resist moisture, dust, and other free-floating particulates.
Weep Holes Voids between the bricks on the first row that contact the foundation. These voids in the vertical joints are in place to allow any condensation that may collect on the inside of a brick wall to escape. These weep holes may also be located above a window.
Zoned Air Homes having two or more heating and cooling units that operate independently of each other. Different thermostats control the units so that the separate zones can be kept at different temperatures.

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